The T2K experiement

journey to the heart of neutrino physics in 4K

The Scientify team travelled to Japan at J-PARC in Tokai to make a report about the T2K experiment. This is a collaboration of 500 scientists, studying the neutrinos oscillations. Neutrinos are elementary particles which come in three “flavours”: electron, muon, and tau. The T2K experiment is designed to detect and to measure the flavour change from muon neutrinos to electron neutrinos. These particles interact very weakly and very rarely with matter, that is why they are so difficult to detect.

The animations from the report

What is a neutrino ?

This animation explain the standard model of particle physics.

J-Parc accelerators facilities

This animation explain the J-Parc accelerators facilities.

T2K detectors

This animation discribes the T2K detectors (ND280 and Super-Kamiokande).

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